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iMerge Savings Meter

  • Family of 4 saves $250 per month
  • Single woman saves $72 per month
  • Family of 4 re-prices with current carrier and saves $150 per month
  • Small company goes from $6,000 per month to $3200 per month
  • Small company converts from group plan to individual plans for all employees and saves 42% per month
  • Couple with no kids reduces deductible, and saves $275 per month
  • Call us at 1-855-TRY-IMERGE (1-855-879-4637), and let us Save You Money!

Our Health Insurance Partners

Health Marketplace Quotes

We help you understand your options

  • iMerge is working to simplify access to the new Affordable Care Act marketplaces
  • iMerge is leveraging its relationships with major carriers to help Consumers navigate all the options available for those looking at On-Exchange, and Off-Exchange solutions
  • Please call us at 1-855-TRY-IMERGE (855-879-4637) if you need help understanding your health care insurance options
  • Or, send us an email today, and we will have a client advisor reach out.

Affordable Care Act Explained

Know Your Options

  • Guaranteed Issue for everyone
  • Small Business Tax Credits
  • On Exchange — bronze, silver, gold, platinum — what does it take to qualify?
  • Off Exchange — quality options that still provide health insurance subsidies? How to gain access?
  • New Landscape for those who don\’t qualify for subsidies
  • If you want help, contact us today.

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